Community Wi-Fi

Community Wi-Fi is a service that offers Service Providers the value of providing internet access for subscribers across home, business, and outdoor venues over Wi-Fi.  Benu provides a Core Network solution for carrier Wi-Fi deployment referred to as Wi-Fi Access Gateway (WAG). The Benu WAG offers best-in-class WAG performance and scale, including the following example capabilities:

  • Large scale Carrier Grade NAT
  • Wi-Fi offload and Cellular Interworking (S2a, Gn)
  • Flexible Tunneling Options: SoftGRE, 802.1Q, IPSec*
  • Robust AAA Authentication & Accounting via RADIUS and DIAMETER*
  • High capacity IP address management DHCPv4/v6 Server or Proxy
  • Device IPv4/IPv6, single, and dual stack support
  • Network and Routing (e.g. LACP, OSPF, BGP, IS-IS)
  • Layer 4 Redirect and HTTP Header Enrichment
  • Subscriber, VLAN and Tunnel QoS Policies for Policing and Shaping
  • Layer 2 Fast Mobility
  • 1+1 Node Redundancy
  • Lawful Intercept integration