Managed Business Networking

Today more than 90% of firms worldwide are classified as a small-medium business. These businesses are looking for a “zero-IT” solution to not only save costs but also increase business productivity and profitability.

MBN Solution Brief (Americas)

MBN Solution Brief (Europe)

Benu Networks is focused on providing a Managed Business solution with the following major attributes:

  • Service Provider owns the customer experience and information
  • Designed to be deployed in the operators network, with an open architecture that allows service providers to integrate the offering with their existing products (residential, homespot, Wi-Fi)
  • Contains end-to-end business and service logic for deployment of cloud-managed Wi-Fi offerings, or alternatively supports a ‘pluggable’ approach for Service Providers to use hooks and interfaces to blend their own components
  • Supports a cloud managed Wi-Fi offering for mass market customers with a single site, allowing service providers to offer premium “Zero-IT” services to this market.
  • Supports multiple access points per site, and customers with multiple sites and interconnection (VPN) requirements
  • Utilizes an overlay and abstracted architecture that supports a success-based spending model – the components can be centralized and used to deploy services across a large logical and physical footprint.
  • Provides detailed network, device session stats to analyze & improve existing services and formulate new ones

Additionally, the Benu Networks Managed Business solution will allow for Service Function Chaining (SFC), allowing deployment of network based services on a per-device and per-business basis. These services can be delivered using best of breed technologies that allow independent scaling of services, based upon the take rate.